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Why Do I Need a Generator?

If you’re a homeowner in New England, you may not have considered getting a generator for your home yet. Still, that purchase is something you should think about right away. Any electrician in Chelmsford, MA will tell you the weather in this area makes a generator a necessity for a comfortable home.   Why buy? […]

Four Things That Prove You Need A New Generator

When you invest in something that makes your home better, you need to make sure it’s going to look great, provide plenty of power, and do what it needs to. Unfortunately, though, no machines can work forever. There are ways to make appliances last, to be sure. Still, there are undeniable signs that it’s time […]

Four Things To Consider Before Buying A Generator

Anyone who’s taken the time to look at generators knows just how vital they can be for homes. They preserve power and keep houses running when you need a backup solution. However, they are diverse, and you need to consider a few things before you buy one. As a Generac dealer in MA, Emergency Power […]

The True Cost of A Generator

If you’ve considered getting a generator for your home, you might be wary about the cost. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something you’ll never use. However, in the long run, a generator can save you money—read on to understand how. The first thing to keep in mind is the upfront cost […]

How to Maintain your Generator

The best way to make sure your generator will work when you need it is to keep it maintained. Check out this quick guide to generator maintenance. Monthly: Once a month, take a look at your generator. Does it look like it should, or are there any visible defects? If you notice something wrong, contact […]

Why Choose EPG-NE?

If you live in the greater Chelmsford area, it’s likely you’ve heard of Coleman Light & Power and Emergency Power Generators of New England. Kris Coleman has created an outstanding reputation for his work and dedication over the years as a general electrician contractor and electric generator installer. There are plenty of businesses out there […]

Benefits of Solar Power Backups

Home emergency power generators are a great investment for any New England homeowner, but there are often ways we can even improve these high-tech pieces of equipment. One of the best options for generators is to connect them to our existing solar power energy on our homes. Wondering how that could benefit you? Here are […]

Why Use Generac?

There are few brands Emergency Power Generators of New England trust and work with. We only want to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their indoor and outdoor generator needs, and Generac can provide just that. As a dealer of Generac products, we have seen first-hand how this business can benefit anyone who […]