How to Maintain your Generator

The best way to make sure your generator will work when you need it is to keep it maintained. Check out this quick guide to generator maintenance.


Once a month, take a look at your generator. Does it look like it should, or are there any visible defects? If you notice something wrong, contact the supplier to learn what to do about it—before it becomes a problem.

Keep the generator clean. If you’re keeping the generator outside, then you should be sure that plants are not growing in or around it. A clump of grass in the wrong spot could easily cause the whole machine to malfunction.

Keep the oil and fuel in the generator fresh. It won’t need to be changed out each month, but don’t leave it for years at a time, either. Keeping these fluids new and topped off will ensure they work perfectly.

Every three months, run the generator for a little while to make sure it’s still in working order. Contact the supplier if it doesn’t work during this time.


Once a year, have a professional take a look at the generator to make sure it’s working perfectly. This is a necessary step—a generator has a small engine that’s similar to a car, and you wouldn’t go years at a time without a professional looking at your car.

Paying a generator professional each year can get expensive—so you should look into maintenance contracts when you’re purchasing your generator. This can save hundreds of dollars, and will also make sure you’re not being cheated. Many generator professionals also represent fuel companies, and they have an interest in ensuring you continue to buy fuel.

Emergency Power Generators offer maintenance contracts to make sure that your generators will work when they’re needed. Contact us today to find the perfect generator, and we’ll make sure it works perfectly.