The True Cost of A Generator

If you’ve considered getting a generator for your home, you might be wary about the cost. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something you’ll never use. However, in the long run, a generator can save you money—read on to understand how.

The first thing to keep in mind is the upfront cost of the generator. How much money are you able to put up front? This is something you need to decide before you begin shopping for the perfect generator. When researching costs, you should also consider factors such as warranties or how much installation will cost. A quality generator service will discuss these factors with you before you make a purchase.

Consider the maintenance and fuel costs for your generator. You should take a quick look at your generator once a month, but beyond this, you can rely on a maintenance contract for more involved maintenance work. Emergency Power Generators has an annual maintenance plan available with each generator—even if you didn’t buy it from us! The fuel costs of your generator are something to keep in mind. If you’re using it consistently, then you’ll need to continue to refuel it. If you only use it in emergencies, then the fuel will occasionally need replacing but will cost less.

There are also benefits to having a generator that can’t have a price tag. You’ll have peace of mind when your house has its own generator, especially in stormy areas. You’ll be able to relax knowing that you won’t lose power, so you’ll be able to continue life as usual even if your neighborhood is in a blackout.

Contact Emergency Power Generators of New England today to get the perfect generator for your home. We’ll help you with every aspect of your purchase, so you’ll know you’re getting the right options for you.